Message and Maybe a question for the dork reading this

So I'm not really that great at doing things like this, but here we are. And I want to say that you've made me believe that maybe I'm not a hopeless romantic after all, and have given me confidence once again.

I should rephrase this, the person whom I'm talking about is this beautiful and amazing person, she has this personality unlike others too, more of unique than anything and that's what makes her special to me, she cares, really goofy too. She's made me feel like a whole lately, being able to make me smile whenever. I guess what I'm trying to say though is that she is a genuine person, I trust her a lot, even enough to give her my heart, and I wanna make her feel the same way as I do; even if it's the same way around already.

I really care for you & want to spend more time with you even in the future and just be goofy with me, but this is me trying to say, will chu be my girlfriend?