I just wanted to say thank you for being by my side for this long <3

I know that I already gave you a valetines card or whatever you wanna call that beefy thing, but I also wanted to addd on to your site and write more things for my special someone.

And I'll be honest, It's hard some days; somedays just feel fake and just like a play along. But then there's the days that feel real and that I'm not living a dream even if you still seem like a dream to me.

I know there's not much written here, but I'm trying my best as is with just how I've been the past week or even few days, I just wanna make sure you're happy and that you'll be okay, that there's a better out come eachday - One step forward and not two steps back. You deserve to be happy and cared for, not treated like a no one. Even if you don't think so, I'll always think that you can be on top of the world, because you can do that to me at time. You make me feel like there's nothing that could drag me down or change my thoughts on things.

There's been times where I'd wanna be in your arms and just let all my emotions out, without the worry of judgement or worry. And I'm sure there's times where you'd wanna be in my arms, maybe not from the same reasons, but just being in my arms none the less. And sometimes I wish I could tell you what's on my mind or what's wrong at certain times, but it's so hard openeing back up, when I've been hurt so bad and makes it hard for me to trust what might be said back or even reactions to things. And I know sometimes I just need to be told it's okay, but it makes me think what I could do to or what could be done in-general to make you feel even slightly better, cause I know there's times where I'm not there and there's something on your mind bothering you, but justt know I want to be there for you, just I know I can't all the time cause I have issues of my own, and I'll be honest, sometimes I just wanna isolate and not talk to anyone for a long time, I'm sure you're the same in some ways, but I could be wrong, sorry if I'm making assumptions, or saying sorry alot, it's just I'll feel bad when I say or do certain things and feel like I should appologize for what I'm saying. But one thing I promise is that no matter what I'll be okay at the end of the day. & I honestly am just saying what's on my mind instead of trying to be cute and wholesome, I just wanna say how I feel and what I've wanted to say. And following up with that, once more thank you Angela, you mean alot to me and I wouldn't ever want to lose you, at least anytime soon, even if that's the feeling that I might give off sometimes, I just get lost in my head here and there.

I love you, I really do & I hope one day I don't have to worry about my parents not knowing or whatever anymore, but I have to figure out a few more things in time before hand, I'm not sure what exactly they might be exactly, but I know at sometime things will all just be better in time. <3